Skog means wood in some nordic languages. Every pair of SKOGGERS is one of a kind. Designs are unique as is the wood. Wood never goes out of style. It is a natural alternative to plastic. To wear SKOGGERS is also to reveal your nature saving concern. We carefully pack sunglasses into a hard carton tubus made of recycled kraft paper. Our marketing materials are produced with a thought of reducing carbon footprint by optimizing electricity, paper and toner consumption. Enjoy natural renewable material, flowing shapes and love of hands that make them.

Wooden frames

We choose bamboo wood for it’s unique natural characteristics. Bamboo wood is a fast renewable organic material, it has a shorter growth cycle and stronger reproduction abilities as one of the fastest-growing plants on Earh (growth speed around 1mm every 2 minutes!).

Every pair of SKOGGERS bamboo sunglasses is nature friendly and distinctive because of use of this highly sustainable, fully recyclable material with unique appearance.


Polycarbonate 100% UV400 protection lenses block UVA and UVB rays.

Polarized filter eliminates the reflected glare from horizontal surfaces, allowing crisper, clearer vision, particularly while driving or on the water.


Each pair of sunglasses may vary slightly despite going through the same production process. NATUR – natural blond color of hand polished bamboo wood, while darker colors of brown and black CHOKOLATT models are covered with color finish. Warm caramel color of KARAMEL sunglasses is reached by carbonization process, actually similar to sugar caramelizing, where bamboo wood is influenced by heat and vapour to gain this hue.